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Join us at our Creative Arts and Social Change Workshop Series 



"Because at the block, not only do you get to express your creativity, but you get to learn about the world around you and figure out what you can do to make it better, all while making friends that by the end of the program will feel like family."

-Summer Programming Student

"HIGHLIGHTS!! SO MANY OF THEM!! Juanita, Kolton and other people from the Block were able to create with young people, introduce hard topics, and engage in ways that are innovative and new. We got a gallery, music videos, song writing, poetry, acting, etc. So much work came out of the summer program and it was amazing!"

-Summer Programming Student

"Joseph has been participating with "The Block" for several years now. They have bought out the best in him through dance, singing and acting. I thank God every year that this program is around because it keeps him safe and off streets."

-Summer Programming Parent

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