COVID-19 (Corona Virus Update)

The Writer's Block will postpone all programming and larger operations until given clear indication that gathering is safe in our community.  

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this matter and look forward to opening our space for creative expression soon! 

Please contact for questions and information

Writer's Block InK Presents:

ONLINE Summer programming

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Writer’s Block InK will be transitioning to a digital summer program in which young people will be invited to be part of a virtual project addressing the social ills that plague us even more tremendously during the corona outbreak. Students will use creative arts as a tool through which to explore the impact of the virus on education, poverty, abuse, homelessness and social isolation. Participants will be assembled via Zoom to explore creative arts and workshop their own creations to be presented online at the conclusion of the summer through a YouTube stream to feature their work. 

Research and Education Class (2-4pm)

In this session, participants will learn how to conduct effective research as they read, watch and discuss news around the current crisis and how it is impacting communities and people around the world. Using platforms such as Vice and Vox, participants will explore the stories that they’ll use to create the artwork they’re creating.


Creative Writing (4:30-6:30pm)
Participants in the creative writing cohort will learn the foundational skills needed to write short stories, monologues and script writing for both film and theater. The sessions will cover character development, plot and story design and authentically implementing themes of social justice into their work around the central theme. They’ll have the chance to workshop their writing with the group as well as gain insight as to how to grow as artists.
Dance and Movement (3-5pm)
Through dance and movement, this cohort will give focus to new movement, contemporary dance and styles of storytelling through physicality, expression and choreographing movement. Throughout these sessions, the group will watch and discover dance through videos and readings, to develop a philosophy of creativity that they’ll use to make works of art around the various topics that address pressing social issues. 

Acting (6-7pm)
Using acting as the medium, participants in this cohort will learn tools of acting and performance to utilize in their exploration of monologues, scenes and self-guided approaches to acting. The group will study great actors, analyze performances and use the work of the peers to work through social justice through a theatrical lens. 

Visual Art and Design (2-4pm)
This cohort will give much focus to learning about the ways in which visual art has been historically used to address social justice issues, subvert cultural norms and build community. They’ll use this as a guide to create their own works of art that speak directly to the present moment of pandemic and the injustices that are visible and invisible.


Midweek Check-in/Self Care (4:30-5:30pm)
During this time, all participants will be invited to check in with our youth care advisor, go through some weekly debriefs to see how everyone is doing and go through some mediated group work that will keep everyone conscious of their own well-being as the process continues. 

Music and Songwriting (2-4pm)-
The songwriting cohort will learn the foundations of songwriting, study songs from all different genres (hip hop, pop, folk, etc) and see the ways in which they can collaboratively and independently create new music that addresses not only the social issues of the time, but the stories of those individuals who are impacted by them.

Poetry (6-8pm)
Using poetry and spoken word as the mechanism, the members of this cohort will study both technique and content of contemporary poets who use their poetry as a voice to social justice. Participants will be given the tools to write, mold their artistic voice and gain confidence in their writing and reading of their own work. 

On a bi-weekly basis there will be “Fun Fridays” in which participants are invited to join in on a Zoom call or Netflix party to play games, have fun and enjoy community. 

Please visit the link below for summer program registration.  

Registration and applications are due Monday, June 15


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