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The Writer’s Block is a youth-led social change theater and performing arts organization that uses the arts as the platform for which youth voices are amplified through the creation of original and collaborative new plays, visual and performance pieces that addresses social issues and inspire community conversations around social change. 


The Writer’s Block InK, Inc. was founded in 2003. Our purpose is to empower youth to advance key skills through all aspects of theatre and performing arts. The mission of Writer’s Block Ink is to arm young voices with the power of pen and prose, reinforcing teamwork, accountability, and responsibility, igniting social change on the page and stage.  


"Started in 2003, Writer's Block InK is an interdisciplinary arts non profit organization that focuses on empowering youth through interactive programming designed to ignite social change in the community. Young people devise works of art (theater, dance, visual art etc.) that speak to inequities, social issues and systemic oppression that hinders human flourishing and suppresses youth voices"


Writer’s Block offers after school and summer programming that engages young people in the arts as they create their own original works using social change as the lens through which they create. They are in facilitated sessions led by teaching artists, creatives and youth educators, studying acting, dance/movement, creative writing, as well as behind the scenes courses in stage design, lighting, costumes, marketing, ticket sales and community engagement. 

Young people collaborate with one another to construct a full-scale performance piece. They create characters, write the script, design the costumes and perform in the final production that is showcased to community members in a live show.



The Block connects with youth and then works with them to help them identify their own talents, while developing key skills.  In going through the Writer’s Block experience, the students ultimately gain greater self-confidence, grow and uncover key skills and are often more receptive to pursue a formal education and then become passionate citizens and vital contributors to transforming society.

We have a legacy and established recipe for building young leaders from the ground up. Since our inception, thousands of youth have participated in our programs, and we have employed more than 100 as Block captains, creative instructors, administrative leaders, directors, or producers.  Writer's Block alumni take on leadership roles within their schools and communities—becoming teachers and entrepreneurs, reinvesting in New London County, Southeastern Connecticut, and similar communities across our nation and world.

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