Who We Are 

The Writers Block InK was started in 2003 as a 501c3 non-profit organization to encourage youth to use writing and performance as tools to address personal and social challenges on the community stage. Students create original productions which explore critical themes and issues.

Our Mission

To arm young voices with the power of pen and prose, 

reinforcing teamwork, accountability, and responsibility; igniting social change on the page and stage.


  • President: Clarissa S. Beyah-Taylor

  • Secretary: Kate Robins
  • Treasurer: John Wilson
  • General Director: Linda Ferraro
  • General Director: Lisa Giordano
  • General Director: Alissa Mebus
  • General Director: D'Andre Gooden
  • General Director: Nancy Nessel


  • Executive Director:  Kolton Harris

  • Administrative Coordinator: Chelsea Reis

  • Teaching Artist: Felicia Hurley

  • Teaching Artist: CJ Thibeau

  • Teaching Artist: Alicia Rosado

  • Teaching Artist: Juanita Wilbur

Advisory Board


Strategic advisors

  • Theresa Broach

  • Govind Menon


  • William Sweeney
    from the law firm of Tobin, Carberry, O'Malley, Riley & Selinger, P.C. (TCORS)


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