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860-44 BLOCK
12 Masonic Street
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Our Mission

To arm young voices with the power of pen and prose, reinforcing teamwork, accountability, and responsibility; igniting social change on the page and stage.

About The Block

WBI was started in 2003 as a 501c3 non-profit organization to encourage youth to use writing and performance as tools to address personal and social challenges on the community stage. Students create original productions which explore critical themes and issues.

Writer's Block Ink Presents...

The Power of Giving: Strengthening, Uniting, and Celebrating Through the Arts

Fall 2015 Showcase, Dec. 18th 7:00pm at the ISAAC School


Writer's Block Ink

Morgan J. Penn Scholarship for Leadership and Social Change

Applications due December 15th

Apply here to the Morgan J. Penn Scholarship 

The Morgan J. Penn Scholarship for Leadership in Social Change is a scholarship in the amount of $1,000.00 that will be awarded annually. The funds of The Morgan J. Penn Scholarship for Leadership in Social Change are to be used as payment assistance in any opportunity, activity and/or organization intended to further the recipient’s involvement in the fields of performing arts, youth leadership, education, or youth­focused entrepreneurial business ventures. Young adults ages 16-25 are eligible to apply. The application deadline is December 15th, 2015.

The Writer’s Block Ink, Morgan J. Penn Scholarship for Leadership in Social Change honors founding member, Morgan J. Penn, who passed away in 2011.

The Morgan J. Penn Scholarship for Leadership in Social Change is financially supported by public and private donations. Patrons and Sponsors of the Writer's Block Ink can allocate contributions specifically for the Morgan J. Penn Scholarship Fund. To make your contribution now, click here

*UPDATE* Writer's Block Ink is now offering beginning and master classes in acting, songwriting, creative writing, and dance. Register for all 7 weeks or drop by for individual sessions. 


Writer’s Block Ink provides classes in all aspects of performing arts and help youth to create original productions addressing social issues our youth face each day. Click here to sign up for classes and register for Building Blocks.

Fall Block Shops

October 5 - November 20

Ages 10-21


Acting for Beginners:                                      Mon 4-5pm

Master Acting Class:                                     Wed 4-5pm


Songwriting for Beginners:                         Tues 4-5pm

Master Songwriting Class:                                     Thurs 5-6pm

Music Recording:*                                       Tues 5-6pm

     *must be enrolled in beginning or masters Songwriting


Creative Writing for Beginners:                          Mon 5-6pm

Master Creative Writing Class:                           Wed 5-6pm


Cultural Dance (all levels):                         Thurs 4-5pm

Street Dance for Beginners:                         Fri 4-5pm

Master Street Dance Class:                          Fri 5-6pm


Drop in for any class: $5/session

One-week pass: $10

Unlimited 7-week pass: $100


All students receive access to group field trips, workshops at Connecticut College, guest teachers, and participation in multiple performances, including our Fall Showcase on November 20th.



Saturday Building Blocks

October 3 - November 20

Ages 6-9

Saturdays, 10am-12pm

$100 for 7 weeks or $15/session

Participants will learn the basics of acting, dance, music, creative writing, visual art, and more, and will be given the chance to create their own creative material. 



Soundgate Studios

Ages 16-21

September 21-November 9

Mon/Wed/Fri, 5:00-8:00pm

Free of cost for 8 weeks, includes access to studio equipment and recording booth

This is a multimedia production program for our older students focused on music recording. Participants in this program will have access to a recording studio built specially for Writer's Block Ink as well as recording equipment. Our specialized instructors will teach students about recording technology, music industry basics, and songwriting and performance. This is an especially great opportunity for young singers and lyricists interested in developing and recording their work. 

Summer 2015 Final Production - Behind the Digital Mask

Behind the Digital Mask

Conceived, written, and executed by students ages 6-9 and 10-17, this show represents a culmination of 8 weeks of classes in acting, dancing, music, songwriting, creative writing, visual arts, and social justice as part of our Summer on the Block and Building Blocks programs. Our show this year will explore the topic of social media and how it relates to issues like police brutality and mental illness and will include original songs, dances, and poems woven into the dramatic narrative. 



Social media has become an intricate part of our lives. It shapes who we are, our perception of life, and how we interact with one another. While there is no denying the powerful impact that social media is having on our world – such as by bringing education to the masses with "trending topics” – there are still millions of people that succumb to the negative attributes of social media. From cyber-bullying, to cat-fishing, to depression caused by an overload of uncensored news stories, people are allowing their virtual realities to define their actual selves.

Through the eyes of characters raised in the age of technology, we will get a look into how social media is shaping human opinion, interaction, and reaction to what’s trending. Join our characters on their journey of self discovery, as they learn how to stop scrolling and communicate off the screen. Will their face to face interactions restore the human connection that has been lost or will they scroll deeper down the newsfeed? We invite you to explore as we find out what lurks behind the digital mask…


For more information call 860-44-BLOCK or email us at writersblock2@gmail.com


 The ACE Awards- More than 10 Years Strong

For more than a decade, The Writer’s Block, Ink has encouraged and inspired youth from Southeastern Connecticut to use writing and performing arts as tools for addressing personal and social challenges. By focusing creative talents on social issues—ranging from peer pressure, bullying, and domestic violence--- to racism, suicide, genocide, and slavery… Block students use the page and the stage to ignite the call and spread awareness for positive change in their lives and communities.

We presented A.C.E awards for leadership in Arts, Community, and Excellence to many community partners and sponsors who have made our mission possible.  



Theresa Broach • Dr. Karin Edwards

Dr. Shelley Ann des Etages • Shonrael Lanier • Serinol Lowman • Ian Williams

Jackie Bagwell • Christine Haase* • Dianne Kent • Dr. Govind Menon

Nicholas Fortson • Jodi Kelly • Alissa Mebus* • Tina McCurdy •  Hazel Richardson • Ian C. Thomas

TCORS Attorneys: Tom Riley • Bill Sweeney • Bob Tobin   

Xplore: Dan Carey • Glenn Goettler

Richard Hews • Kenneth Kitchings   

Safe Futures: Kris Wraight

Michael Bradford • Lisa Giordano •

Melanie Greenhouse •

Dexter Singleton • Alice Fitzpatrick

Mirna Martinez • Arthur Lerner: FRESH New London

Laura Burfoot: Hearing Youth Voices/New London Youth Affairs 

Chris Soto: Higher Edge 

Susan Connolly, Esq. • Jessica Hill • Andrea Messenger  Anthony Nolan: New London Youth Talent Show 

Lonnie Braxton II, Esq. • Dr. Grace Jones • Dr. John LaMatina

Brian Oliver • Dr. Michelle Dunlap  • Lottie B. Scott

CDR Anna Hickey: US Coast Guard Academy

Noemi Kearns: How2Design

Owen McKenzie

Tracee Reiser: Conn College 

Jeanne & Steve Sigel - Garde Arts

Val Tamano: New London Public Schools

Adriane Jefferson • Attallah Sheppard • Maya Sheppard

Frank Colmenares • Raymond Edwards Jr.

Morgan J Penn (Dec 15 1985 - Sept 19 2011)

Shawn Rucker • Lernin SantosS                                                                                                           

Sheryl Hack, Aileen Novack, Barbara Nagy: CT Landmarks

Reona Dyess: The Drop In Learning Center

Preston Whiteway & Jill Anderson: Eugene O’Neill Theatre

Migdalia Salas & Gina Fafard: I.S.A.A.C.

Tony MollicaNLCCC

Ron BastineSyeeda BriddellCalan Bryant • Lillian Cooke • 

Adrian Gardner Jaime Guzman • Jameela Jones • Gabriel Kastel

Monica Lasenberry • Camilla Ross • Steven Wilson

Kirshon Augmon • Noah Jenkins • Olivia Jenkins

Jalen SampeurRafiq Taylor • Juanita Wilbur

Isaiah General • Shayla Goode • Emily PrattsAriana SampeurKyanna Stackley

Zachary Ackart • Naomi Jones • Clara Pratts • Derrick Silvan

The Generals • The Sheppards • The Taylors

The Frank Loomis Palmer Fund • Pfizer, Inc •The Community Foundation of Southeatern Connecticut