Nancy Nessel

Nancy Nessel the secretary of our Board of Directors, who joined the board in the fall of 2019. Prior to joining the Board, Nancy volunteered with Writer's Block Ink Summer Workshops as an Instructor for Marketing and Promotion of the workshop's summer productions. Originally from NYC, Nancy has an MBA in Marketing and over 15 years of marketing and communications experience working consumer brands as a Brand Manager and as Marketing Consultant. She is also certified to be a college admissions adviser which has helped her understand and advise students of all backgrounds. 


Nancy is particularly committed to today's youngest generation, Generation Z, and in 2012 created a blog called, becoming one of the first marketers to develop an expertise in Generation Z. 

Since 2012, she has been consulting, researching and publishing unique insights into how Gen Z is impacted by technology, as well as the challenging world and today's youth experiences. Her clients range from higher education institutions to baseball teams to shoe brands to the auto industry. 


She resides in Stonington, CT with her husband and two Gen Z children. Nancy chose to work with The Writers Block because of her passion for the creative arts, particularly music, she’s an advocate for social justice and really enjoys working with youth. She is thrilled to be on the Board and is excited about contributing her knowledge in marketing, branding, marketing strategy and this generation, the students of Writers Block Ink.